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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

To 'mat' or not to 'mat'......that is the question!

Evening everyone, and a very warm welcome to all my new members.......whoohoo 115 at the last count, this blogging malarkey is great!

Well, I have some exciting news to tell you tonight, our brand new blog is being launched on Friday June 1st.
This will be a challenge blog for TWINCHIES.....and if you haven't a clue what a twinchie is, check back over the weekend  for more details. (I will be making a few to blog over the next couple of days )

I've had a strange week so far..... not much crafting as I've been into college, working quite a bit, so I'm just showing a couple of very quick cards tonight. And when I say quick, I mean very, very quick, less than 5 minutes to be precise!
I need your help deciding whether to 'mat' or not.....both very easy and simple to do, but I like simple now and then :)

I ran the card through the printer,
scored, folded and trimmed to make a 5.5" square.
Stamped the design , coloured the leaves and added 5 red gems......simples!

This one took about 2 minutes longer, just the extra time to mat onto red mirri card.
Can't make up my mind which one I like most. If I'm doing simple, then I think it should be very simple.
What do you think??

An extreme change from my last card, don't you agree?

Hopefully be back tomorrow night with a 'twinchie', but until then, enjoy the sun, I certainly will xx


  1. I like them both, but the matted one just pops!

  2. They are both extremely elegant, but I agree with Zoe.

  3. I have to agree, the matted one looks more professional. More (gift worthy) as they say on C&C lol xx

  4. Both versions are gorgeous, but the matted one looks more finished and makes the image stand out nicely
    Lindsay xx

  5. Yep, I prefer the matted one, it sets it off. But isnt it nice to just do simple once in a while - mind you I can't believe you're thinking of Christmas already - I hate organised people like you lol x

  6. I like simple a lot, but I prefer the matted one too. x

  7. I like them both, so simple yet elegant xx

  8. I like 'em both but the simple one without the matt just comes out on top fer me ! xx

  9. Both gorgeous but I do prefer th matted

  10. Sorry . . . can't make up my mind! xxx (Came to visit from Eileen's blog)

  11. These are both lovely and can't make up my mind either! Sorry.

    Linda xxx

  12. Simple cas elegance xx Jan

  13. They're both elegant, but the one without the mat works slightly better for me. Well done for being able to leave it like that! xx

  14. They are both gorgeous & I think the one with the matt hs the edge for me.