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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Busy, busy, busy!........

Hello everyone, hope you're all having a great weekend, despite the weather. We've just had a torrential was amazing! Don't know where all this rain is coming from, but I wish it would push off to some other country, and leave us alone for a few weeks!
Because I'm busy catching up on blog posts and DT work today, this is just a very short blog, to 'whet your appetite' for our new challenge blog launching tomorrow at 9am.
This blog is solely for 'TWINCHIES'.....2" x 2" squares of gorgeousness!....nothing less....nothing more!
We do hope you'll come along, 'follow' the blog, and join in our great challenges.

Tomorrow, I'll be showing you my creations for the TWINCHIE blog, and also for 

The Design Teams on all of the blogs have been very busy, creating some amazing projects for you to find inspiration from, so don't forget to check back tomorrow xx
Until then, here is a little twinchie, which I might use as a baby card 'topper', over the next week or two 
Hope you like it

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Over and out!.......

Evening all, hope you're all ok, and not getting too wet. I've got a smug little smile on me mush, 'cos it's been a fab day down here today. lol.
This is my last post from Devon....home tomorrow. I absolutely LOVE going on holiday, but I LOVE going home again, just as well, I suppose.
 I have a busy few weeks ahead of me now, with wedding stationery to finish for my great-niece, loads of orders to catch up on, and stocking up my boxes for quite a few craft fairs, as well as my DT work.
However, first I want to show you my bargain from this week.....10 huge, empty ice-cream boxes for 10 pence each. Ooooooooo, how much crafty stuff can I get in these babies?!

 Watch this space, and I'll keep you updated on what I make/fill them with.

I've also been beachcombing for driftwood.....I know what I'm going to make with these pieces of wood, and I'll show you when I'm finished x

It was my wonderful son Nick's birthday last week, he was born on the longest day (21st June).....interestingly my other son Adam was born on the shortest day (21st December) three and a half years later.   I made Nick a very quick footie card, (England were still in the running at the time).....Adam made him a card too, as he does for all of us....I love Adams cards, they're always last minute, and daft!....but good.  Might show you some more another night x

Nick and Adam in their Jubilee regalia. (Adam's card for Nick)

My quick footie card. Wish I'd lined up the sentiment better, but I was rushing as usual x

Nick & his wife Emma, and Adam.
(2 thorns and a beautiful rose! )

Well that's all for tonight folks, sorry it's been a long post. xx
Have a good Friday xx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

It's almost 'TWINCHIE' time.......whoohoo!

Hello everyone, hope you've all had a good day, and managed to squeeze in a bit of crafting.
We've had a nice day here, and it was even warmer than we expected....although at this time of year it should be scorching!.......Never mind, we're tough, and Finn couldn't care less what the weather does.

Todays post is 2 'twinchies' made for when we were going to launch the new 'SHOW US YOUR TWINCHIES' challenge blog last month. Because of tech problems with blogger, we were forced to postpone until 1st of July.....but that's only THREE days away now....whoohoo!
If you're reading my blog for the first time, and not sure what TWINCHIES are, they're 2" x 2" pieces of art......Any medium is suitable, any theme, any colour, etc.etc.
Why not pop over to the blog, and register your interest by becoming a follower @

Our first challenge will be announced on Sunday 1st July.

This twinchie was inked, stamped with Versamark and embossed with Cosmic Shimmer embossing powder. I then coloured parts of it with Promarkers, and added a bit of glitter

The second one was printed off the computer and triple embossed to give the effect of a 'tile'. I did the same technique on the words.
Hope you like them.....
See you all tomorrrow night x
Please leave a comment if you've enjoyed looking.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Well, baby cards don't all have to be pink or blue!.....

FOUR DAYS TO GO..........!!

Evening everyone from a wet Devon.......Today we went to Clovelly, and oh heck, those cobbles are a killer! Of course I only had little pumps on my feet, with soles as thin as paper, my feet were killing by the time we got back to the top, and I needed Oxygen!    
Finn saw his very first donkey, and think he was surprised that there was an animal bigger than him......He gets lots of attention when we're walking around, and absolutely loves it.
Anyway, enough holiday shizzle, let me show you a card.
Obviously a baby card, but I thought I'd do it in mauve for a change....well, there's no rule to say that baby cards have to be blue or pink, is there?
What do you think....please leave a comment, either good or bad, I don't mind (well, I do of course, but I tell fibs xx)

                                                          Catch you all tomorrow xx

Don't forget to pop over to our new 'Twinchie' blog, which goes 'live' on 1st July. You can become a follower NOW, ready for the very first challenge starting on the 1st.

Monday, 25 June 2012

A batch of numbers.....

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a good day, with lots of crafting.....
Got to say I'm having crafting withdrawal symptoms at the moment, it seems so long since I made a card. However, to alleviate these symptons, we had a run to Crafty Devils in Barnstable, this morning. Alan and Finn waited an hour and a half whilst I had a good root around all their goodies......Ooooo, it was like Christmas. Alan treat me to loads of new stash, so I want to go home now to use it all....haha. (only joking)
We're still enjoying our hols and Finn is having a brilliant time, chasing seagulls, dogs, chickens etc :)
Tonight's cards were requested by a customer who said she just wanted cards with a number on and not much else......she is a very 'simple' lady, in the nicest meaning of the word, and didn't want anything fussy. I made a card for every year of age, for female and male, then a few for Wedding Anniversaries too.  she liked them so much, she ordered another full set for a friend, in different colours. 
Although they were boring to make, I couldn't turn down such a big order.
I'm just showing a few out of the batch I made, don't want to bore you all senseless!


Okey doke, that's it for tonight, I'm going to mount some stamps that I bought last you see although I can't make cards while I'm on holiday, I can still do things related to craft xx
Catch you all tomorrow x

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Not for the 4th of July!.......

Evening everyone form sunny Ilfracombe! (well not now, of course, 'cos it's dark :))....We've had a lovely day,  sun shone almost all day, but it definitely wasn't as warm as you'd expect in June!   We walked miles along 2 different beaches, Finn absolutely loves the water. The ice-cream at the end of the walk was very was the glass of wine when we got home .......!
Anyway just a short post tonight, as it's a bit late......A young girl came up to me last week at a craft fair, and asked for an easel card for her 'mom'......It turned out that 'mom' is one of my regular customers, so the daughter wanted a birthday card for her. She asked for carnations, the American flag, and 'mom'. 
This is what I came up with, and she loved it, thankfully.
The family used to live in the USA and want to move back there, hope they don't though, as I'd lose a great customer!

Anyway, that's all for tonight, hope you've enjoyed looking, if so, please leave a comment.
Catch you all tomorrow x

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Even blogging on my holiday.........(!)

Evening everyone, Can you believe I'm on holiday and still blogging?! I have loads of time in the evenings though, so it's not a problem.  
We have Finn with us this week, and not many restaurants would like a (very) large German Shepherd lying under the table, (and we can't leave him in the cottage) so I'm afraid for this holiday Alan will be cooking !!

Sorry that I haven't blogged for so long, it's just been an extremely busy week or so......
Last Friday afternoon I did a very successful school fete, then Saturday and Sunday brought our village Scarecrow Festival. 
Every year I organise the Craft Fair part of the weekend, which I love doing....Bringing crafters of all kinds together is such a pleasure, and I only ask one person per different craft to make it more interesting for the customers....
We all had a very good weekend, sales wise, and I'm happy to say I sold £280 worth of cards....yes £280, the most I've ever sold in such a short space of time.   The only problem now is that I have to replace all the sold cards, but I suppose that's a nice problem...
Anyway the card I'm showing tonight was an order from a friend of mine, who buys all her cards from me....she doesn't get 'mates rates' though haha!
Hope you like it, if so, would love you to leave a comment. I'll be back tomorrow night....definitely!

Jolly hollies.....:)

Hi everyone, I'm on holiday at the moment, but have my lappy with me, which means I'll definitely be blogging tonight (Saturday)....please pop back later to checkout what I've blogged xx

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The answer........

Hiya all, sorry this post is a bit later than usual....I know you're a dying to know the answer to last night's question ....haha. Well I won't keep you in suspense any longer. Joan was almost right when she said wallpaper, but not quite, it's kids bedroom, self adhesive wall frieze ! Every time I go into B&Q I grab a few bits of various designs. I chop it up, stick it on waste card then run it through the die-cutter and boosh, a cute little image which hasn't cost a penny! Mind you, the ladies in B&Q must think I have a 20 bedroomed house and 25 grandchildren....I'm always ready with a little 'fib' if anyone ever asks LOL.

  Anyway, only one card to show you tonight, with my favourite flower of the moment.
Just another simple style, but I did enjoy making this one....what do you think of it??

Well, that's it for tonight, hope to see you all tomorrow. I have a school craft fair tomorrow afternoon in the next village from us, so hoping it goes well x

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A puzzle for you.....

Evening everyone, and another welcome to my new followers from the past 2 few days. Hope you've all had a good day and managed to get some crafting done.
Just wanted to tell you that I had some very good news tonight......I'm now part of the Design Team on 'The Cupboard Trilogy' challenge blog....whoohoo!  I'll be giving you details soon of how to join in with the challenges.....

 I'm still doing mind-numbingly simple, commercial cards for my craft fairs, and I've got to admit I'll be pleased when I can put away the 'stuff that sells' and get on with something a bit more inky, messy and inspiring!
A few kids cards to show you tonight and this is where the puzzle comes you like the little images and where do you think they came from??? Leave a comment and a guess and I'll tell you tomorrow night.

Well, I did say they were mind-numbingly simple, didn't I??  However, they're always the cards which sell first so I have to do them xx

See you all tomorrow night x

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

As promised.....

Whoohoo,  Four new followers today, so welcome to the new ladies....hope you enjoy looking at my blog.
As promised, I'm blogging again tonight, gave myself a good talking to last night and I will be posting every day from now on (hopefully)....well, unless I'm not at home, of course.
 Just another couple of quick, easy cards tonight....nothing special, as I haven't time this week to experiment with all my new stamps & inks. That will have to wait until next week when I'm not so busy. I might also have some new 'toys' to play with by then, but you'll have to wait to see what I've bought....oh yeah!
The two cards below were so easy, they could've been made by a 5 yr old!  2 sheets of Forever Friends paper from one of their paper sheet has been matted onto card, then the image cut out and decoupaged onto the other sheet, a few added embellishments and wham, bam...done!
 I've made a pile of these as they always sell very well at Craft Fairs.
What do you think??

I'll be back tomorrow, catch you all then xx

Monday, 11 June 2012

Where has the last week gone ??

Hi everyone, I'm so glad to have 5 minutes to write up a quick post, I honestly can't believe almost a week has passed since I've blogged.
I've made dozens of cards over the past few days for my forthcoming Craft Fairs, but I'll tell you more about that later in the week.
Tonight I'm just showing a few very, very simple Wedding Anniversary cards I've made for my stock boxes.
Hope you like them.......

I'll be back tomorrow night....promise xx

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Inspirational colours.....

Morning everyone from a very 'cool' Wiltshire......hope you've all had a great Jubilee weekend so far.   
 Our few days have been quite busy, starting off with a lovely Craft Fair on Saturday.....I sold loads of cards and received lots of commissions to do, so a very happy 'me' drove home to start preparations for Jubilee Sunday.
We live in a very small village, and our 'Close' of 14 bungalows, is a sort of circle cum horseshoe shape with a lovely ornamental green in the middle, this is a great area for 'getting together' with the residents of  'the close'.   The male contingent erected 3 huge marquees, while the females prepared enough food and drink to feed an army!   We were outside from 12 midday until 3.30 am! (well, some were anyway)  what a great day it was, despite the weather, which turned out quite wet....not under the marquee though, thankfully! It was so good to spend the day with friends, and especially our family Nick & Emma and Adam.  
 Last night was the lighting of the 'Beacon' in the village at 10pm......singing 'God save the Queen' with a glass of bubbly in my hand whilst the beacon was lit was quite 'uplifting' x
Anyway, although there are festivities in the village, we are just taking it easy today and I might even get time to craft!
The card below is the one I made for the COLOUR INSPIRATION challenge at    Please pop over and have a look at the Design Team creations and enter the challenge. There is a great prize up for grabs this month.

Hope you like my effort, please leave a comment if you've enjoyed looking x

The pic below was the Colour Inspiration