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Monday, 25 June 2012

A batch of numbers.....

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a good day, with lots of crafting.....
Got to say I'm having crafting withdrawal symptoms at the moment, it seems so long since I made a card. However, to alleviate these symptons, we had a run to Crafty Devils in Barnstable, this morning. Alan and Finn waited an hour and a half whilst I had a good root around all their goodies......Ooooo, it was like Christmas. Alan treat me to loads of new stash, so I want to go home now to use it all....haha. (only joking)
We're still enjoying our hols and Finn is having a brilliant time, chasing seagulls, dogs, chickens etc :)
Tonight's cards were requested by a customer who said she just wanted cards with a number on and not much else......she is a very 'simple' lady, in the nicest meaning of the word, and didn't want anything fussy. I made a card for every year of age, for female and male, then a few for Wedding Anniversaries too.  she liked them so much, she ordered another full set for a friend, in different colours. 
Although they were boring to make, I couldn't turn down such a big order.
I'm just showing a few out of the batch I made, don't want to bore you all senseless!


Okey doke, that's it for tonight, I'm going to mount some stamps that I bought last you see although I can't make cards while I'm on holiday, I can still do things related to craft xx
Catch you all tomorrow x


  1. Very nice Barb, simple but effective

    Di xx

  2. Wow they are gorgeous love them all xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Lovely cards as usual Barbara, how did you cut out the numbers (with a die cutting machine? Or scissors? )

    1. Scissors, Trudi.....would love all the Sizzix number dies, but they're £11 each :(

  4. I love 'em....Big impact!

    Eileen xxx

  5. Wow, these are great, I love them xxx

  6. Nice little numbers xxxx

  7. Great cards, like the numbers but if I cut them out they would be a mess.
    Shirley xx

  8. Your cutting is so neat and precise! lovely CAS cards Barbara.


  9. A lovely set of cards what a great Idea barbara.they would be lovely as a gift as well x

  10. Your cards are truly stunning & they would never bore me Sweetie,Alan sounds lovely, treating you to new stash x

  11. I like these very much, simple but effective

  12. The simplicity of the design is stunning xxxx

  13. The simplicity of the design is stunning xxx