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Saturday, 13 October 2012

I'm back........

Evening it's good to be back blogging! first and very best peice of news to share, is that my lovely son Nick, and his amazing wife Emma are expecting their first baby next April......We're so excited for them, and us, as it's our first grandchild, whoohoo! (We've known for weeks, but were sworn to secrecy....believe me, it was hard not to 'spill the beans'! )
Anyway, enough about that for now,  and onto our recent holiday......
....we had a great 2 weeks in Southern Italy, the heat was intense at times, but we survived, haha, and I only gained 3 lbs in weight, which in itself is a bloomin' miracle. Might show you some pics later in the don't all groan!
Diet started Thursday, so I'll be keeping you up to date with how I get on, in future blogs.
Although we've been home from holiday for a week, I haven't felt like doing much crafting, which is strange because I was really looking forward to getting back into my craft room....however today I got started again and made a batch of very quick Christmas cards.....probably for the neighbours,  but not sure yet.

All the same image, from Inkylicious , one of my 'most-used' stamps this year.

Some I used very chunky white glitter for the snow,.........

......others I used Glamourdust.

I bought this embossing folder off Ebay, but not sure of it's name.

The bottom part is done with a sheet of double-sided adhesive covered with Glamourdust.

Well, that's all for tonight, hope to be back tomorrow, with something a bit more 'arty'  ;)


  1. Fab cards Barbara,and congratulation on your forthcoming granny

  2. Barbara these tree ones are stunning, they remind me of the type of cards you get from really posh businesses and I love that embossing folder, really looks great with the glittery snow effect xx

  3. Stunning cards love the tree ones also, very elegant and gorgeous. xx

  4. Wow you hear that Barbara, like really posh cards ......
    I agree I love the simplicity of them xxxx

  5. beautiful I love the sparkly cards xx

  6. Stunning cards Barbara, love the trees with a hint of sparkle.
    Congratulations on your news - it's one of the best feelings in the world when you become a Grandma for the first time! xx

  7. Oh how wonderful to hear your good news, congratulations!
    Your cards are gorgeous. I really love the elegant design with the touches of sparkle

    Hugs Sue

  8. Love your simple Batch cards Barb they are always so classy,
    Di xx

  9. congratulations to you all, and well done on keeping it quiet! lol Lovely cards, they are so stylish x

  10. Beautiful cards Barbara, simple, elegant and love the added sparkle. Congrats on your news, hope all goes well :)

    Elaine ♥

  11. lovely cards as always
    congratulations for your son and his wife!
    and welcome home!
    Debbi x

  12. These are very elegant quick cards Barbara! I love that tree stamps and use one similar myself. (Mental note to get making some quick cards myself)
    Congratulations on your great news!

  13. Congratulations on your news of the baby,i bet you're over the moon.
    I'm so pleased you enjoyed your holiday without gaining to much weight.
    Your cards are beautiful, i also make mine in batches for the neighbours, happy crafting x

  14. Welcome back hun and sounds like you had a good holiday. Congratulations on your news about the new arrival due im April. Your Christmas cards are stunning. Have a wonderful sunday.

    Linda xxx

  15. Really beautiful cards! Congrats on your family's good news :) xx

  16. I think you spoil your neighbours Barbara lol! Lucky them to receive such classy cards x

  17. Stunning and perfect! These are gorgeous my favourites are the black and white with the glitter, simple but certainly perfected. I NEED this stamp now.
    Congratulations on the news I hope all goes well for them, I wish them both and yourself all the best x

  18. Simple but very elegant - both styles of card. They are lovely.

  19. I am so taken with the first of these two little beauties.... Love crisp and elegant work .... Mmmmm.... might have to buy that stamp! Just lovely
    E xxx

  20. Congrats on your super news as well!! E xx

  21. Congratulation! :D Happy for you & your family!

    I love your cards!! I've never done something like that...Hmmm...maybe I should get that Glamourdust!! In fact I'm itchy to get it!! Lol!

    Maya xx

  22. Your cards look great Barbara, but the best news is that you will become a grandmother! Congratulions, hope the mom-to-be is feeling well.
    Exciting news...I'm a grandmother of 2 granddaughters and 1 grandson!

    Enjoy....greetings, Alie :-)

  23. Congrats to the family. These cards are fab especially the tree design
    Ruth x

  24. Gorgeous cards. I have the trees stamp also so great to see it on such a lovely card - was wondering what to do with it! Thanks for the inspiration x

  25. beautiful, love the cards xxxx