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Monday, 28 October 2013

Christmas Project for Half-Term

Hi everyone, I'm back today with a cute little project that would maybe entertain the kids during half-term.

Santa Serviette Rings.
For 6 people you only need 3 x A4 sheets of Papermill cardstock (I used white hammered)

 Fold an A4 sheet of cardstock in half.
 Draw 1 shape for the serviette holder, fold the card then cut through both pieces to get 2 shapes.

Do your pencil marks on the reverse.

Now you need to cut a hole for the eyes.

The first 'hole' can be used as a template for the second

Now you need (for 2 serviette rings)
4 googly eyes,
4 small circles of red. (I rushed mine so they're not very 'round'.... a 1/2" punch would be better)
2 pieces of pink cardstock roughly 1" x 2"
2 pieces of white cardstock, slightly smaller than the pink, and 'cut into' to make Santa's moustache.

 Assemble the face, as shown.

Join the edges together at the back with a wet glue (I used Cosmic Shimmer acrylic glue)

Now all you need to do is fold red serviettes into a point, and insert onto the holders.

Hope these instructions are clear enough to follow. 
With care, you should be able to keep them for many years.

A much easier and less time-consuming serviette holder can be made in 5 minutes.

Cut as many circles as you want....1 for every holder needed.

Make a split in the circle about 1/3 down from the top. (If children are making these, you might need to help them with this part)

Assemble faces as previously shown.
I've decorated one a bit further with black 'buttons', a bobble and a piece of white pipe cleaner around the hat.
Well that's it for today, apologies for the long post, hope you're all still awake!
Enjoy half-term ;-)
Barbara xx


  1. These are brilliant, clever clogs xxx

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    what beautiful done they look fantastic.

    gr karin

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    Sylv xx

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    Linda xxx

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    Dawn xx

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