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Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Liebster Award!

Evening everyone,  I'd like to say a massive thanks to the following ladies for giving me the 'Liebster Blog Award'.....I can't quite believe that I've received this award THREE times!, and I've only been blogging for 2 weeks............The lovely ladies are, Isobel at Pauline at and Janet at

The Liebster Award

The purpose of the award is that each recipient has a small blog (less than 200 followers). They in turn nominate five other recipients each of whom has a blog with less than 200 followers. Liebster is from the German language and means "dearest" and the award is passed to people who have inspired and motivated me. It is hard to chose only five recipients as many of the people on Crafty Bloggers Network have done that. I am going with some of the newer bloggers, who have been inspiring me with their cards for quite a while, but have just started 'blogging' them. 
My choices are 

Andrea @
Vanessa @
Janice @
Joan @   and last but not least,
Janet @

I would love to have awarded Eileen Godwin @  as she has inspired so many of us via her blog.....fortunately for her, she has stacks and stacks of followers, so doesn't need my help :-0)
Thats all for tonight, sorry no card, but I'll be back tomorrow with a new creation. Enjoy the rest of your weekend x


  1. Hey thanks Barbara for making me one of your choices xx

  2. Well done well deserved.
    Hugs Elaine

  3. Woohoo! thanks for the mention Barbara ... and well done to you!

  4. Well done for your awards and many thanks for mine! xx