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Friday, 6 April 2012

Naughty dog.......

Happy Easter everyone, hope all is good wherever you are.  Fab day here, cloudless sky, so it's a full day of gardening for Alan and myself......he absolutely despises gardening, but does like the garden to look good so has to lend a hand haha....
This is not quite the post I had in mind today, as it's my lovely 'cyber-friend' Janets' birthday, and I was going to show you the card I sent to her.....Janet and I met on a group I set up on Facebook a couple of years ago, and started to meet up shortly we see each other as often as possible, even though she makes me spend sooooooooooooooo much money on craft stash  (and we live 2 hours apart) !!!
Anyway, this is what happened to one of my SD cards, of course the one with her card pics on!

And this magnificently innocent creature is the culprit!

What chance did my SD card have with teeth like those?
I'm sure Janet will zap me a pic of the card, so I'll show you later....but for now, the garden is screaming for attention, have a good day everyone xx


  1. Wow Barbara what a fabulous Alsation ,sorry about your card with the photo of your friend , I bet you were not angry for long though when you looked into those big brown eyes , they always get you in the end, mans best friend. Have a happy Easter hugs Elaine

  2. LOL...what a naughty boy :) xx

  3. LOL
    That made me chuckle... I don't think that my dog has realised that he is a dog! He ignores all his toys! x

  4. Oh no Naughty Boy ..... Jo xxx

  5. way to go Finn :) glad I'm not the only one with a naughty boy :) xxxx

  6. Thanks for all your commiserations ladies........*stifling a chuckle, no doubt* ...!:). Mind you, I blame Alan, 'cos he was in the room with him at the time. Anyway, he's off the naughty step now xx (that's Finn, of course, not Alan!)

  7. Oh dear Babara, you can't stay angry long with those brown eyes looking at you :)

    Happy Easter

    Linda xxx

  8. Bless I knew Alan was trouble lolxx

  9. Photos emailed to you, Barbara! It's a magnificent card and I'm sure your followers will agree it's been worth the wait! xx

  10. how could you ever get angry at that wee face :)