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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Wedding Stationery

Hello everyone, hope you've all had a lovely weekend........I haven't had chance to make any cards for a few days, so thought I'd show you the wedding stationery I made for my eldest son Nick and his gorgeous new wife, Emma. They got married on 18th December 2011, and we had so many nice comments re- the stationery, that I thought you might like to see will be a long post, so please bear with me.

This is the complete set, apart from the 'table' layouts, which I'll show you later.

From left to card, order of service, day & evening invitation, thank you,.......Small cards for 'best man, bridesmaids and 'readers' to enclose with their gifts,.......table place names.......detailed inserts for the daytime invites.

This is the pocketed inside of the day invite, with enclosures.

I made a total of 90 invites for the day and night......all the same with just the inside details changed.

One of the table cards, showing menu on one side and the reason why there was no 'favours', on the other side. Nick and Emma decided to give a donation to the charity Mind, in memory of Nick's late dad, instead of  'favours'

 There was 30 of these altogether, divided between 10 tables.

Order of Service

The outside of the Order of Service was made exactly as the invite, the insert was printed on pearl paper.


I also made a smaller card for each of the bridesmaids, the readers, and of course the 'Best Man'.......8 cards in total.  These small cards were enclosed with their 'thank you' gifts.

And last but not least for this part, 105 table place settings.

Got to admit that I felt very, very proud when I walked into the wedding breakfast and saw all the stationery set out on the tables.  The table names were chosen from all the places and countries where Nick and Emma have snowboarded, with the main one being Whistler, their most favourite place in the world to 'board.

Close-up of the 'top table'....Whistler!

My two wonderful sons.......

The (very, very) happy couple......

Table cards

Nick & Emma

The table plan......the last part of the set, and didn't I breathe a sigh of relief when this was done :)

Ooops, almost forgot the 100 Thank You cards which I made when Nick and Emma were on Honeymoon in Mexico

Now, I did say this was going to be a long post, sorry........tomorrow, I'll show you the list of everything I used to make the complete set......Mmmmmmmmmmm, bet you can't wait. :)
Until then, have a good evening x
ps. let me know what you think so far.......


  1. Fantastic job! Everything looked beautiful

  2. Stunning stationery set. I bet you had a lot of positive comments when the guests saw them.

  3. OMG ... I am just blown away by the commitment,time and overall beauty of the entire project. You really did them proud Barbara. I don't think I could undertake such a task .... I don't use the word 'stunning' often, as it's thrown around in our crafty world all the time .... But the whole wedding complete with your stunning stationery is just the most magnificent work! Eileen xx

    Ps dies arrived ok .... thank you x

  4. Wow these are all wonderful, I`m not surprised you felt so proud I was the same as I made mine for our wedding on 19th Dec 2010. Well done. Now following. Chris xx

  5. The hard work showed in the stunning stationery and the wedding pics are beautiful xx

  6. Well done, smashing bet it took time to make. xx

  7. Fantastic Barbara .... pure dedication and determination on your part .... absolutely beautiful work !
    Suzee xx

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments.......really appreciate them xx

  9. What an achievement - lovely stationery!

  10. Great wedding stationery, something that I do from friends too,love the design and colours! Looked a great day! Big hugs Jo xxx

  11. Well done! I love all of these! I made two sets of wedding stationery last year & am helping a friend make hers at the moment!
    Dawn xx

  12. Absolutely stunning.
    Caz x

  13. What beautifully hand crafted wedding stationery, you obviously put a lot of love into them all.

  14. Thanks for the rest of your comments.....and oh yes, Gina, definitely a labour of love x

  15. These are just fabulous and such beautiful wedding photo's!. Love Chanelle xx

  16. Wow Barb, what can i say ?? You have done them proud. I bet they were so proud telling the guests that mum made all the stationery!! I can imagine how you must have felt when the job was done lol....

    Di xx

    1. Thanks Di....yes they loved them, thankfully xx